Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Through the joint efforts of Community Careers Cooperative, local industry and Alberta Learning, students can become registered apprentices while they are enrolled in high school by applying for RAP. Students must be interested in becoming an apprentice in a trade that is supported in our region.

The prerequisites for RAP are: enrollment in Grade 10 or 11, on track to graduate, 65% average in enrolled courses, 98% attendance and a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in a specific trade. Students apply in the winter of grade 10 or 11 and begin their RAP placements in the summer of that year. RAP is a two-year program wherein the student takes courses for one semester and works in their selected trade for the other semester during each of the two years.

High School Credits: Work Experience 5 Credits, Grade 11 RAP 20 Credits, Grade 12 RAP 20 credits.

For more information on this exciting program, please contact

Lynda Cachia Off Campus Coordinator at 780-799-5725 or on email at