Grad 2019

High School

We are excited to celebrate the graduating class of 2019!

Here are the livesteam links for the Father Mercredi Mass and Commencement celebrations for the graduating class of 2019!




Please know these upcoming dates!

June 18th – 12noon – Grad class photo on football bleachers (alternate location will be found if weather does not permit an outdoor photo).
June 24th – 26th – 10:00am – 3:00pm – Decorating and stage set-up for family members. Graduates are not allowed.
June 26th – 4:00pm – Rehearsal for all grads. Attendance is mandatory.
June 27th – 7:00pm – Grad Mass. Graduates must participate in Mass.
June 27th – 8:30pm – Showcase of Talents.
June 28th – 9:00am – Commencement for the Grad Class of 2019.
June 28th – 6:30pm – Promenade & Prom


Please see this information from the last parent meeting. It has the most up to date information, and we’ll keep posting updates as they happen!