Beginning Engineering

Course: Beginning Engineering

Pathway: Engineering

Grades: 10 – 12

Credits: 5-9

Location: Science and Technology Centre

A state-of-the-art lab helps students investigate various aspects of the engineering field.

Students will use hands-on learning equipment to conduct meaningful engineering investigations that emphasize mathematics and science.

Students are then able to choose a pathway of their choice and complete the learning objectives associated with it.  The pathways are ELECTRICAL-Electrical Control 1, Electrical Fabrication 1, Machine Tools 1, Mechanical Fabrication;CIVIL-Structural 1, Wind Concepts, Measurement Tools 1, Surveying 1; MECHANICAL-Mechanisms 1, Solar Concepts, Pneumatics 1.

Instruction covers the fundamentals of engineering as well as a focus in ROBOTICSAC/DC 1CAD 1CNC 1 and PRINT READING.

Students will work in teams to research, design, and create a solution to an open-ended engineering challenge. They will complete a major design project and showcase it to a team of real engineers.

In addition, this course will cultivate student’s knowledge of engineering so as to determine whether engineering and technology are the career fields they desire.


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Mrs. Natasha MacArthur-Poole

Vice Principals
Mr. Brendan Toner  Grade 7 and 10

Mrs. Connie Farrell  Grade 9 and 11

Mrs. Deborah Kitching  Grade 8 and 12

Learning Coaches

Mr. Bob Van Thiel

Eithne Pierre



Ms. Kate MacDonald (extension 5413)

Mrs. Trudy Finnson (extension 5512)

Classroom Support Teachers

Christa DeMerchant (extension 5415)

Jeff Power (extension 5416)

Science & Technology Centre

Mr. Tim Kilburn-Project Consultant

FNMI Aboriginal Liaisons

TrudieAnn Plamondon (extension 5477) Grade 10-12

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