Advanced Industrial Technologies

Course: Advanced Industrial Technologies

Pathway: Electrical, Millwright, Instrumentation or Power Engineering

Grades: 10 – 12

Credits: 5-8

Location: Science and Technology Centre

Perquisite: Beginning Industrial Technologies

Description:   The advanced level of Industrial Technologies at Father Patrick Mercredi delivers a unique and elite experience to high school students who are interested in ElectricalMillwrightInstrumentationPower Engineering or other associated technologies.

At this level, the learning systems can operate independently, or be combined together in different configurations to simulate additional complex processes needed for a wide variety of  trades and technical careers.

Students will have the opportunity to explore multiple sectors of these technology areas as well as identify the link between post-secondary education and potential careers.  In addition, students will acquire teamwork skills and individual technical skills that will translate to all careers in the workforce as well as home maintenance and other related tasks.

Completion of this advanced industrial technologies course provides you with the opportunity to get the academic and practical hands-on training that, before now, could only be gained by being employed as an apprentice.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a competitive advantage when seeking an apprenticeship or when applying for admission into post-secondary institutions.


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