Student parking is located on the south side of the school. The front parking lot and rear compound are reserved for staff use and require a permit. Vehicles found in these lots without a valid parking permit will be ticketed. Students are also reminded to drive with care and attention as well as to obey all posted signs in the Parking Lot.

Arrangements have been made with Thickwood Arena allowing the use of their parking lot during school hours. Students are encouraged to use the Thickwood Arena parking and walk across the field.  Experience has shown that these is much less traffic congestion using Thickwood area and that students get on their way much faster.  It is also used as a drop off or pick up location by parents that want to avoid the traffic congestion in the school parking lot.

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Father Mercredi High School
455 Silin Forest Rd
Fort McMurray, AB,
T9H 4V6
Phone: (780) 799-5725
Fax:  (780) 799-5740

To report attendance
General Inquiries

Mrs. Natasha MacArthur-Poole

Vice Principals
Mr. Brendan Toner  Grade 7 and 10

Mrs. Connie Farrell  Grade 9 and 11

Mrs. Deborah Kitching  Grade 8 and 12

Learning Coaches

Mr. Bob Van Thiel

Eithne Pierre



Ms. Kate MacDonald (extension 5413)

Mrs. Trudy Finnson (extension 5512)

Classroom Support Teachers

Christa DeMerchant (extension 5415)

Jeff Power (extension 5416)

Science & Technology Centre

Mr. Tim Kilburn-Project Consultant

FNMI Aboriginal Liaisons

TrudieAnn Plamondon (extension 5477) Grade 10-12

Kayla Aikins (extension 5516) Grade 7-9