Graduation 2014


June 26th and 27th at Father Mercredi High School

****Parents:  We do not need any help in the large gym tonight (Tuesday) but we will need lots of help on Wednesday starting at NOON.  Please pass the word.


Calendar of Events Related to Graduation


  • Please make sure you have brought your small kids photo to Ms. Price
  • If you got your grad pictures done somewhere other than PhotoMagic you will need to provide us with a copy your photo for the Grad Memory Book.  Please see Ms. Price for more information.
  • New ***** For parents and family members that want to volunteer.
    Grad venue decorating will happen on the following dates and times:
    Wed, June 18th – 6pm-9pm
    Thurs, June 19th – 12noon – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm
    Fri, June 20th -12noon – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm
    Mon, June 21st - 12noon – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm
    Tues, June 22nd - 12noon – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm
    Wed, June 23 – 12 noon till done.
  • June 16: Last Day of classes of classes for Grade 12 courses

JUNE 23rd – 27th

  • Parent help decorating needed at the following dates and times. All parent help would be much appreciated. Graduates are not allowed to come help out.
  • June 25 – noon to till done; decorating and venue set up at Father Mercredi High School.
  • Grad gowns and grad tickets can be picked up Wednesday June 25th from 1-4pm in the library.  All fees must be paid and text books returned before tickets will be handed out.
  • Please note: If you hang the gown up as soon as you arrive home, it should not need to be ironed. If, however, you decide to iron it, be extremely careful. Use a cool steam iron with a cloth, or iron (cool steam) on the inside of the garment. To avoid burning holes in the gown, please test a corner of the garment before placing the hot iron onto the gown.

JUNE 26th

  • Ceremonies Rehearsal

Rehearsal will begin at 1pm at Father Mercredi High School.

All Grads MUST attend in order to participate in the ceremonies. Rehearsal will last until approximately 2:30 pm.  During this rehearsal, grads will learn their order, the special cues, practice the walking in, and create cue cards for their Commencement. In order for everything to run smoothly everyone must attend.

  • Grad Mass and Academic Awards

Grad Mass begins at 7:30 p.m.  with Academic Awards (Honor roll, Highest class mark awards etc) to follow the mass.  

Grads should arrive by 6:30 pm at Father Mercredi High School.

All Graduates must attend the Mass. The Grads should wear their grad gowns, but not their caps, (those should be left at home). Underneath the gown, girls should wear a dress or skirt with dress shoes and boys should wear dress pants and shirt along with dress shoes. They need to wear appropriate footwear which means no OLD SNEAKERS or Beach Flip Flops. The Mass will last about an hour or slightly longer immediately followed by our Academic Award Ceremony.

JUNE 27th 

  • Commencement
  • 5 Tickets per participating graduate (students that are not participating in Grad Events do not receive tickets)

Commencement Ceremonies begin at 9 a.m.

Grads should arrive by 8:30.


For the Commencement ceremony, they must wear their grad gown and cap. They must wear dress clothes beneath in the same fashion as the night before at the Mass.

  • Evening Promenade
  • 5 Tickets per participating graduate (students that are not participating in Grad Events do not receive tickets)

Promenade begins at 8:00 p.m.

Grads  and their escorts should arrive by 7:30p.m. (Escorts do not require a ticket for promenade)




Each Graduate will receive their tickets when they pick up their grad gowns after all their fees are paid. There are NO additional tickets for purchase. The number is based on the capacity of the complex. If you will require additional tickets, you will have to network with other parents and grads to see who has extras.


For all of the Graduates and many of the parents, this is your first graduation. There are some etiquette and protocols that must be discussed.

As we are a Catholic school, the religious celebration is, of course, in the Catholic tradition. It is important that all celebrants upon arrival realize that the venue represents the church during this segment of the graduation process and as such they are expected to be quiet, have all cell phones off, and refrain from eating of any kind. Once the Priest enters, they should participate in the celebration as much as possible. NO ONE IS TO COME AND GO FROM THE ROOM unless they need to use the washroom. There will be no picture taking during the celebration that requires movement or a flash. Photo Magic does take pictures and they will be made available to you. During Communion all graduates are expected to go up for Eucharist if they are catholic and a blessing if they are non catholic.

During the mass and Commencement ceremonies, the graduates will be sitting at the front of the room. No guest is permitted beyond the roped barriers. Commencement is also a formal event and guests should remain seated with cell phones off. It is also important to respect the space of other seated guests and not stand in front of them to take pictures. If you are intending to take pictures in the Commencement Ceremony, please come early enough to get a good seat and thus prevent any annoyance to yourself or another guest.

Official grad photographs are taken by Photo Magic and will require an appointment. If they are having photos done elsewhere, they will need to provide the school with an electronic copy of it.

Often graduates wear a flower in the lapel and a bodice or wrist corsage. These items should be ordered well in advance if your graduate desires one.

For the Mass and Ceremonies students are to walk in two by two with a graduate of the same gender. They should choose this person themselves and speak to Mrs. McGuigan in the Student Services Office.

For the Promenade, graduates may walk with whomever they wish. Escorts do not need to be from their graduating class. Escorts must be appropriately dressed for the occasion and must not possess or be under the influence of any substance (ie: alcohol or drugs).

This is a brief tentative outline of Grad 2014. Please try to attend the meetings for all details. If you are unsure of your graduation status, or your child’s graduation status, please see one of the School Counselors.

Have questions? Contact Mrs. Tamarra Price or Mrs. Miller or phone 780-799-5725.




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