Career Preparation

This is a program for students who would like to investigate their future career path while they are in high school. Career Prep gives Grade 11 and 12 students a chance to gain experience in their career field of interest as well as develop some excellent employability skills. Career Prep is a community-based program involving a key partnership between industry and education. The goal is to maximize career opportunities for youth and to develop skills that are required in the work world.

There are 7 pathways in Career Prep: Information Technology, Business Technology, Engineering and Industrial Technology, Process Operations, Mine Operations and Health Services, Government and Service Industry. Students are encouraged to match their CTS choices and academic courses to enhance their career path opportunities.

Grade 11 students can apply to participate in the in-school program where career skills are developed and career pathways are investigated. They will also complete an employability skills portfolio to present to potential employers. Continuing into the summer of grade 11/12 and Grade 12, these same students will have an opportunity to be considered for summer employment in their selected career field.

The prerequisites for Career Preparation are: enrolled in Grade 11, on track to graduate, 65% average, 98% attendance, completion of Job Preparation Module.

Courses covered in Career Preparation:  Personal Safety, Portfolio, True Colors, Work Place Ethics, First Aid/CPR, Leading for Change

For more information on this exciting program, please contact

Lynda Cachia Off Campus Coordinator at 780-799-5725 or on email at


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