Teaching Staff Email

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Alyward, Ryan (Grade 7 and 8 English and Social) ryan.alyward@fmcsd.ab.ca

Bagley, Krystal (Grade 9 English and Social) krystal.bagley@fmcsd.ab.ca

Barre, Kevin (CTS: Carpentry)  kevin.barre@fmcsd.ab.ca

Beaton, Jodie(Grade 8 English and Math)  jodie.beaton@fmcsd.ab.ca

Benoit, Teresina(High School English)  teresina.benoit@fmcsd.ab.ca

Boutin, Andrea (Grade 9 Math and Science)  andrea.boutin@fmcsd.ab.ca

Budd, Patricia (High School English)  patricia.budd@fmcsd.ab.ca

Burt, Stephanie (Health Sciences and HS Science)  stephanie.burt@fmcsd.ab.ca

Cachia, Lynda (Off Campus Coordinator) lynda.cachia@fmcsd.ab.ca

Campbell, Adem (Grade 7 English and Social)  adem.campbell@fmcsd.ab.ca

Campbell, Raeanna (Gr 9 English and Social) raeanna.campbell@fmcsd.ab.ca

Champion, Matt (Grade 8 English and Social) matthew.champion@fmcsd.ab.ca

Corliss, Maxine (CTS:Foods and Fashion Studies)  maxine.corliss@fmcsd.ab.ca

DeMerchant, Christa (High School CST) christa.demerchant@fmcsd.ab.ca

Diamonte, Deana (High School Humanities) deana.dimonte@fmcsd.ab.ca

Dolmont, Mark (High School Science)  mark.dolmont@fmcsd.ab.ca

Downey, Jennifer (High School Social Studies)  jennifer.downey@fmcsd.ab.ca

Drane, Angela (High School Phys Ed and Golf)  angela.drane@fmcsd.ab.ca

Dunn, Paul (Computer Sciences)  paul.dunn@fmcsd.ab.ca

Easton, Brent (Athletic Director)  brent.easton@fmcsd.ab.ca

Fitzpatrick, Kim (High Social Studies and Welding) kim.fitzpatrick@fmcsd.ab.ca

Garbuio, Kevin (Grade 7 English and Social) kevin.garbuio@fmcsd.ab.ca

Giroux, Katherine (Grade 7 English and Social)   katherine.giroux@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hamner, Craig (High School Social Studies)  craig.hamner@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hand, Sarah (Grade 7 Math and Science) sarah.hand@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hillier, Craig (High School and Middle School Phys Ed)  craig.hillier@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hines, Patti (Support Center Teacher)  patti.hines@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hull, Michael (Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Soccer Academy)  michael.hull@fmcsd.ab.ca

Hynes, Anne Marie (Grade 9 Math and Science) annemarie.hynes@fmcsd.ab.ca

Keca, Tom (Hockey Academy)  tom.keca@fmcsd.ab.ca

Kelly, Ian (High School Mathematics)  ian.kelly@fmcsd.ab.ca

Lawson, Brent (Band and Choir)  brent.lawson@fmcsd.ab.ca

MacDonald, AmyLyn (High School English)  amylyn.macdonald@fmcsd.ab.ca

MacDonald, Margie(High School Mathematics)  margie.macdonald@fmcsd.ab.ca

MacIsaac,Tom (Robotics and Engineering)  tom.macisaac@fmcsd.ab.ca

Martin, Gail (High School Mathematics)   gail.martin@fmcsd.ab.ca

McNorgan, Erin (Gr 8 English and Social) erin.mcnorgan@fmcsd.ab.ca

McWilliams, Elizabeth (High School English) elizabeth.mcwilliams@fmcsd.ab.ca

Melynchuk, Colleen (Grade 9 Math and Science)   colleen.melnychuk@fmcsd.ab.ca

Millan, Natasha (CTS Cullinary Arts)  natasha.millan@fmcsd.ab.ca

Milne, Michele (High School Math and Phys Ed) michele.milne@fmcsd.ab.ca

Morrison, Liam (High School and Middle School Phys Ed)  liam.morrison@fmcsd.ab.ca

Morrison, Meghan (Grade 7 Math and Science)  meghan.wilson@fmcsd.ab.ca

Munro, Andrew (Grade 7 and 8 Math and Science) andrew.munro@fmcsd.ab.ca

Nelson, Chuck(Grade 9 Science and Social)  chuck.nelson@fmcsd.ab.ca

Nolan, Susan (High School Religion)  susan.nolan@fmcsd.ab.ca

O’Brien, Jennifer (Support Center Teacher)  jennifer.o’brien@fmcsd.ab.ca

Ottogalli, John (Grade 9 English and Social)  john.ottogalli@fmcsd.ab.ca

Pate, Catherine (Grade 8 Math and Science)  catherine.pate@fmcsd.ab.ca

Phinney, Cherie (Grade 7 Math and Science)  cherie.phinney@fmcsd.ab.ca

Pierre, Eithne (Learning Coach)  eithne.pierre@fmcsd.ab.ca

Podor, Andrew (CTS: Automotives)  andrew.podor@fmcsd.ab.ca

Pottie, Ann (Middle School Voc Ed)  ann.pottie@fmcsd.ab.ca

Pretty, Jocelyn (CTS: Cosmetology)  jocelyn.pretty@fmcsd.ab.ca

Price, Tamarra (CTS; Communication Studies) tamarra.price@fmcsd.ab.ca

Quinn, Denise (High School Science)  denise.quinn@fmcsd.ab.ca

Quinn, Joseph(High School Social Studies)  joe.quinn@fmcsd.ab.ca

Russ, Tracy (Grade 8 English and Social)  tracy.russ@fmcsd.ab.ca

Slaney, Vaughn (Hockey Academy and High School Science)  vaughn.slaney@fmcsd.ab.ca

Stoyles, Stephanie (High School English)  stephanie.stoyles@fmcsd.ab.ca

Thibeau, Lindsey (Grade 9 English and Social) lindsey.thibeau@fmcsd.ab.ca

Tirath, Vandana  (High School Science) vandana.tirath@fmcsd.ab.ca

Tremblay, Lana (Grade 8 English and Social)lana.tremblay@fmcsd.ab.ca

van Thiel, Bob (Learning Coach) robert.vanthiel@fmcsd.ab.ca

Varga, Emily (Grade 9 Math and Science)  emily.varga@fmcsd.ab.ca

Violande, Meggan (High School English) meggan.violande@fmcsd.ab.ca

Wanner, Sara (High School English)   swanner@fmcsd.ab.ca

Whitbread, Shannon (CTS: Visual Arts)  shannon.whitbread@fmcsd.ab.ca





























































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Mrs. Natasha MacArthur-Poole

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Mrs. Kirsten McConnell

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Learning Coaches

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Mrs. Jamie Beaton (extension 5416)

Mrs. Trudy Finnson (extension 5512)

Classroom Support Teachers

Christa DeMerchant (extension 5413)

Jennifer O’Brien (extension 5415)

Science & Technology Centre

Mr. Tim Kilburn-Project Consultant

FNMI Aboriginal Liaisons

TrudieAnn Plamondon (extension 5477) Grade 10-12

Kayla Aikins (extension 5516) Grade 7-9